Friday, 25 March 2016

Café in Belfast

There's a man sitting outside the café that I'm in. He's sitting in the shade of an awning, just out of the sun that's beating down on Belfast and he's impeccably dressed and coiffed. He's smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee and eyeing the pretty girls walking past in light summer dresses and bouncy hair.

He could be Albert Camus.

At another table, behind the man and out of his line of vision there's a woman sitting, again impeccably dressed and coiffed, drinking coffee, no cigarette. She's watching him but pretending to be reading a magazine.

She could be Audrey Hepburn.

Two very stylish people, he unaware of her, she perhaps letting her imagination run wild in some fantasy featuring them both. I will him to look round and notice her. He finishes his coffee, smokes another cigarette then leaves without turning round and she goes back to her magazine.

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